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Information given here is intended for OEM use only.

Due to some demand I changed the HX3 Flash Application behaviour.

Former versions of HX3 Flash checked what firmware was installed on the HX3 board and tried to determine what might be adequate to install. That often lead to unwanted results if parameters in new firmware changed significantly. Or I had a lot of work implementing minor parameter changes for various OEM *.hex files.

The new HX3 Flash is customizable by OEMs like you, so it might be completely adapted to your needs. You might prepare a package for your customers like the Flash_*.ZIPs on our Github repository, containing only the necessary files for a specific instrument. The behaviour of HX3 Flash is controlled by an INI file named hx3_flash_config.ini which is human-readable and may be customized by a simple text editor or by HX3 Flash itself. Just raise HX3 Flash windows fully to the right (dragging its right border). The control script is visible now and may be edited directly. Click "Save Configuration INI" to make changes permanent. Content of hx3_flash_config.ini looks like this example:

/// Configuration file for HX3 MIDI Expander      ///
/// Extend to other parameters at own discretion  ///
/// Disable lines with comment char '/' at start  ///


/// Disable update of user info or licences by commenting. WARNING: old licences will be overwritten if enabled. 
new_user_name=Hans Wurst


/// this name is showed in HX3 Flash window, nothing else.
firmware_name=HX3 Expander

/// Disable loading/update of particular file by commenting.

/// If FPGA is updated, all taper_levels files, fir_coeff and dsp_rev must be activated as well.

/// If FPGA is updated, at least MIDI and the scan core used in your instrument must be activated.


/// Disable HX3 Flash buttons that should not be used



/// parameters that must be restored to old value end with '=?'
/// Disable lines with comment char '/' at start

/ MIDI Channel:
/ Split default mode:
/ Jack config A:
/ Jack config B:
/ ScanCore:
/ Analog input Enable:
/ Button mask PL7:
/ Button mask PL11:
/ Preset number to select second drawbar set:
/ No splitted Preset16 panel:
/ Save tabs to presets:

/// parameters to set must have a value behind '=', boolean values are 0 (off) or 255 (on)
/// Disable lines with comment char '/' at start

/ Jack config A:
/ Jack config B:
/ ScanCore:
/ Button mask PL7:
/ Button mask PL11:
/ Preset number to select second drawbar set:
/ No splitted Preset16 panel:
/ Save tabs to presets:


Lines can be disabled by placing a comment character '/' in first column. As you see, you can decide which buttons are enabled and which parameters have to be tweaked after the new firmware was installed. User Name and Licences are always restored to old values. You may force HX3 Flash to write new user/licence info by new_user_name=, new_organ_licence= and new_rotary_licence= command. Warning: Existing licence numbers will be overwritten!

Therefore, you may adjust parameters to your taste or to requirements of your instrument - without urging me to re-compile just for some parameter issues. All parameter numbers given in HX3 Remote pages are valid, so you may even change rotary params or MIDI CCs.

For your convenience, I left some parameters in which are disabled by '/' comment character. You may enable them just by removing the leading '/' and change values to your needs. Please note: Valid parameter commands must start with a digit, no spaces or comments are allowed in a command line. Blank lines or comment lines may be inserted anywhere.

Do not change the [xxx]= section separator lines.