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HX3 Update

HX3 Update for Windows application (named HX3_update.exe in Github LATEST and BETA ZIPs) is a convenient way to update your HX3 mk3/mk4 board or expander. You will need an HX3 Expander equipped with USB port, an USB adaptor cable FTDI TTL232R 5V, or any USB to serial converter based on FTDI FT232R chipset. Note: USB-Serial adaptors of other makes will not work with HX3 Update!

Automatic update functions require HX3 firmware 3.51 and up.

Important: For beginners, we recommend the simple to use HX3 Update Application.


  • This manual assumes you have downloaded and installed the FTDI serial driver package from our Github or FTDI website.
  • Click on firmware ZIP from Github LATEST or BETA directory you want to download. File download will start by clicking "View Raw" in next window.
  • Unzip ZIP file to your local harddisk. Use only files and executables in this folder!
  • Unplug your FTDI or USB cable from computer again. It is advisable to plug in FTDI cable to HX3 pin header first, then USB plug of cable to computer, then start HX3 Remote. Always quit HX3 Remote before unplugging the FTDI or USB cable.

Connect to HX3 Expander with USB

  • Power up HX3 Expander. Insert a standard mini USB cable to HX3 Expander and plug in to your PC.
  • Continue with "Start HX3_remote.exe" as above.

Connect to HX3 Mainboard

FTDI cable connected to HX3, reset jumper (green) in place for updating very old firmwares.
HX3 Remote Select Device dialog
  • Be sure that jumpers JP7, JP8 and JP5 are removed as for normal operation.
  • Connect header of FTDI USB adaptor cable to your HX3 board as shown in picture. The "+5V" pin of FTDI pin header (leading to red wire of FTDI cable) on older HX3 mk2 boards should be cut off, otherwise USB power will supply the board which may lead to problems as voltage is too weak.
  • Power up HX3 board. Plug in FTDI cable to your Windows PC.
  • Start HX3_update.exe by double click. The application is completely self-contained and does not need any installation, but it requires to have the avrdude.exe tool (and maybe the DLLs noted above) in the same folder.
  • Click on Connect button. A dialog window appears whichs asks to select the FTDI USB cable from the FTDI devices it found; normally, it should be named "TTL232R", "FT232R USB UART" or similar, and only one is shown. Select it and click OK. Now HX3 should respond to the Console window at bottom and show startup info. All buttons will be enabled if everything is OK.
  • Move mouse over some items; the bottom hint line will show help info.

Note: Remove jumpers JP7 and JP8 which may still sit on your board from factory programming. These jumpers are only required for updating the reverb DSP. On older HX3 mk2 boards, also set jumper JP6 to STEREO position (opposite to MONO) as audio routing will be selected by AudioJacks parameter resp. MenuPanel in newer firmware.

Update Procedure

  • Download newest HX3_firmw_xxx ZIP, unzip to new folder. Use only files/applications contained.
  • Plug in USB and power supply cable, start HX3 Update and click Connect.
  • Click Update. HX3 Update will read previous settings if checkboxes are enabled. Note: Retaining old information may cause problems if current firmware on HX3 is more than .1 version step older than new firmware. If in doubt, uncheck Restore Organ Defaults.
  • Firmware update procedure takes about one minute, programming progress shown in separate command window.
  • After firmware update, HX3 Update will restore licence numbers. It will also restore Presets, Organ Defaults and MIDI CCs if corresponding checkbox is enabled.
  • HX3 Update checks if FPGA sound engine is up-to-date. If not, it will update all necessary files in HX3. This may take a few minutes.
  • Check your serials/licences, user and FW information and indicators near licence fields are both light green, showing "OK". Done.