HX3.5 Update by MIDI

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HX3.5 Editor Connect Window, selected FTDI serial USB Device
Datei:Editor508 finalize.png
HX3.5 Editor Update/Finalize Window


Updates for HX3.5 consist of several parts, available on our Github Repository page:

  • Controller Firmware including EEPROM content (firmware.bin and eeprom.bin), handles user interface behaviour and MIDI CC
  • FPGA Sound Engine (hx3_main.bin), all organ sound generation
  • Wavesets (wavesetX.bin), waveform definitions for Sound Engine, different organ models
  • Scan Driver (scanXXX.dat), handles keybed scanning or MIDI receive
  • Taperings (taperX.dat), B3/H100 tone generator filters and manual tapering definitions
  • FIR coefficients (fir_coe.dat), coefficient file for rotary horn simulation

Files may be used independently and may carry different time stamps. See Changelog on our Github Repository page for details which files are to be updated since last commit.

Please download the ZIP file dedicated for your particular product configuration. Unzip and copy all files from appropriate ZIP file "UPDATE" to a local folder on your harddisk.

HX3.5 Editor connects to HX3.5 mainboard either through bi-directional MIDI connection (IN/OUT) using a third-party MIDI adaptor, by MIDI over USB using a USB connection or by our FTDI serial adaptor cable. Also, any FTDI device with FT232 chip like our FTDI serial adaptor board may be used. Power up HX3.5, open HX3.5 Editor application and click on Connect. A dialog window will appear, which asks for the MIDI device to use. See HX3.5 Editor manual for further details.

For update of the HX3.5 Reverb/GM Synth DSP, see page HX3.5 DSP Updates.


When HX3.5 is connected to your PC's USB port, it will appear as "HX3_USB" in list of input/output devices. Per default, these items are checked in HX3.5 Editor's Connect window, so connection will use the MIDI over USB. Protocol is proprietary SysEx, so other devices will not respond to HX3.5 Editor commands. Note: On some PCs, intermediate USB hubs will not work - use a direct USB connection instead.

For updates, entering extended licences or changing Scan Driver from MIDI to FatarScan2 or Scan16/61, click on HX3.5 Update/Finalize in the top right corner. A window will open showing active board licences and serial number. Make sure at least Organ Licence "LED" is lit - otherwise licence number is corrupted and must be entered here (see back of board or obtain new licence number from KeyboardPartner).

Updating firmware may require a "finalizing" process to overwrite invalid preset structures. Click Finalize button after all updates and settings are done. Note: Finalizing will void any presets.

Scan Driver Update

Select "Scan Driver file" from drop-down menu via MIDI. HX3.5 Editor will prompt for a Scan Driver .DAT file (either scanmidi.DAT or scanfatr.DAT at this time). Scan Drivers can be found in UPDATE directories resp. ZIP files.

FPGA and Firmware Updates

Analog to Scan Driver updates, individual parts may be updated by file upload also, using a MIDI USB connection. Please note: File transfer of FPGA (sound engine) configuration may take up to 10 minutes using a MIDI connection. For a complete update, each file must be uploaded individually! For experienced users: You may skip some files if their creation date is not different from those already installed.

Extended Licences

Make sure that green Organ Licence "LED" is already lit. To install an Extended Licence, enter number in Extended Licence text field and click on Send Licences/Name.